Finger Lakes Ice Wine Harvest

Each winter, when temperatures drop and grapes freeze, Finger Lakes wineries set out in the predawn hours to harvest those grapes.

I pulled into Sheldrake Point at 6:30 in the morning and quickly put my snow pants on in the truck. The headlamps were already bobbing around in the vineyard and I was rushing to get out there and join them. It was 10 degrees and snowing.


Here’s a few photos from that job.




dsc_5590Dropping lugs.


dsc_5843A moment of morning sun.


dsc_5588Riesling grapes ready for the press.


dsc_6611Cabernet Franc to be harvested the following week.


dsc_6024Hand harvesting Riesling grapes.


dsc_6643Cabernet Franc inside the bird netting.


dsc_5938Lug frisbee.


dsc_6171Frozen Riesling grapes.


dsc_5757The sky cleared for a few minutes.


Netting to keep birds from eating all of the grapes.


dsc_5710Cayuga Lake is out there.


dsc_6313Loading the tractor.


dsc_6396Pressing grapes while they’re still frozen.


dsc_6368Riesling headed to the press.


dsc_6457The sun came out as we finished up for the day.


dsc_6421David Breeden enjoying my presence.



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